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Dr Caroline LAW

Nature In situ Limited devotes to enhance urban biodiversity through nature-based solutions and facilitate circular economy.

We educate, advise and devise feasible and practical solutions to build up capacity for climate resilience.

We set aside some of our profit to provide free or discounted education and services to Not for profit groups/organisations, and also to sustain our environmental research projects for achieving public participation with the use of perpetually updated scientific and social science data and findings.

自然在地有限公司 致力於透過基於自然的解決方案增強城市生物多樣性並促進循環經濟。



Previous Research Projects

Utilizing native herbaceous plant and shrubs as urban greenery

-Benchmarking current utilization, attitude and constraints in using native plants species in ornamental public urban greenery

Wood chips and biochar for landscaping use

-Composting and wood chips treatments to Reduce Weed Seeds and Plant Pathogens

-Reusing post-filtration biochar activiated with fertilisers and coarse sand in gardening use as soil conditioner

Urban yard waste recycling and utilization

-Yard Waste 3R Pilot Scheme for Private Housing Estates

-A conjoint analysis of yard waste management preferences, strategies and facility siting in Hong Kong

Skyrise Greenery

-Plant performance on selected native and exotic plants on modular vertical green wall with soilless growing medium under simulated water stress

-Tree species composition, growing space and management in Hong Kong’s commercial sky gardens



Evaluation-perception of site attributes and plant species selection in the public urban green space of a compact city, Ecology and Society (2023)

Hong Kong Citizens’ Socio-Demographic Dynamics of Urban Yard Waste Facilities Siting and Legislation Preferences. Sustainability 2022, 14, 6555.

Tree species composition, growing space and management in Hong Kong’s commercial sky gardens. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. (2021)


Urban yard waste

Yard waste Compost B helps green space owners implementing on-site composting, saves waste disposal and irrigation water expenses, promotes the circulation of biological resources, quantifies the effectiveness of reducing carbon emissions, and facilitates carbon audits and ESG data disclosure.


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Urban Biodiversity, Ecolandscaping, Native plants, Skyrise greenery


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